Freelance Mastery – HOW To Discover, Influence And Win Clients. 

The industry SECRETS from award-winning freelancer Nick Kyriakides – coming soon.


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The ultimate, online freelancer course you've been waiting for.

Here are the course modules you will be mentored through.

  • Clients

    You'll learn about the different types of clients, where to find them, lead generation, how to land your first project, create repeat business and attract high-paying clients.

  • Client Relationship

    How to build rapport and relationships, using NLP techniques, how to become a super star networker and clearer communicator to win pitches and create connection. 

  • Advertising

    How and where to market yourself effectively, how to write compelling e-mails, cover letters and profiles to make you stand you out from the crowd everytime.  

  • Platforms of work

    A number of avenues to generate a database of clients and stream of work coming in. Which platforms will give you a high-success rate and how to diversify your sources of clients.

  • Pricing

    How to obtain a brief effectively, price your services and larger projects correctly, automatically and remain profitable quickly, to get ahead of the crowd. 

  • Business Workflow

    The proven techniques, tools, hacks and workflows to discover, manage and book your clients. A detailed guide to sourcing clients,, confirming the job and managing the project.

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